CityCampSF:From Health Apps to Virtual Cities

Plenty of great ideas and actions came out of last weekend’s CityCampSF,and tonight we’ll take them further as the San Francisco Summer of Smart continues. Here are some of the highlights from Saturday:

Planeando la Ciudad Abierta –Planner an avid CityCampSF supporter Maryra Madriz covers the camp for a Venezuelan social . . . →Read More:CityCampSF:From Health Apps to Virtual Cities

The World Changes When We Change It

Getting key players in the same room at CityCampSF on Saturday,we made some serious progress on the SF Fire App initiative,a project aimed at accurately inventorying and mapping all of the AEDs in San Francisco. Eventually,the data from this project will be used by emergency rescuers and Good Samaritans,and in . . . →Read More:The World Changes When We Change It

Unconferences Can’t Move Gov 2.0 Forward

There is a need for new event models that support progress in the greater Gov 2.0 corpus. . . . →Read More:Unconferences Can’t Move Gov 2.0 Forward

Fall Speaking Schedule

My fall schedule is quite busy,and I’m looking forward to meet many of my social media friends at several upcoming speaking engagements.

So you’ll know where to find me:

Citizen 2.0 Workshop –Sunday,Sept. 19,2-4 p.m.,Fairfield,CA –I’ll be leading a session on social media for progressive activists and . . . →Read More:Fall Speaking Schedule

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