The Nader for President campaign today plans to kick off a write-in campaign with rallies on San Francisco and Berkeley campuses. Independent candidate Ralph Nader’s vice-presidential running mate,former gubernatorial candidate and Green Party member Peter Camejo,plans to appear at a noontime rally at San Francisco State University and an evening event at California . . . →Read More:


Community College Board trustee Julio Ramos has a new Web site. But he might want to spell check the text before putting it up,especially words like “education.”


The San Francisco Bike Coalition has endorsed incumbents Jake McGoldrick,Tom Ammiano,Aaron Peskin and Gerardo Sandoval for re-election,and picked Ross Mirkarimi as its sole candidate in the hotly contested District 5. It backed no candidates in Districts 2 and 7. …Meanwhile,the Guardian won’t endorse until early October,according to City Editor . . . →Read More:


Something about Monday night’s District 1 forum makes one wonder if Supervisor Jake McGoldrick’s not missing the forest for the trees. Locked in a fight with the groups organizers,the pro-business,pro-Newsom SFSOS,McGoldrick and his stalking horse challenger Rose Tsai refused to attend. Outside,an RBA guy handed out Tsai accusations against SOS,and . . . →Read More:


This Just In:

NEWSOM NAMES MARGARET BRODKIN AS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN,YOUTH AND THEIR FAMILIES San Francisco,CA –Mayor Newsom announced today his appointment of Margaret Brodkin to head the Department of Children,Youth and their Families (DCYF). Margaret has been the Executive Director of Coleman Advocates for Children and . . . →Read More:


Benjamin Vanderford,the 23-year-old beheading video hoaxer and one-time supervisor candidate is back in the game in San Francisco’s ultra-liberal District 5,making commercial videos for candidates. For Francis Somsel,a moderate Democrat,Vanderford and his cohort in the short beheading film aired as real on Arab TV charged $200 for a 98-second spot filmed . . . →Read More:


Rick Bruce is a cop with the soul of a poet. Here are a couple bits of his daily e-mails,which the Bayview Station captain fills with updates about community policing and enforcement:TUESDAY You Know It’s a Bad Day When …You take one day off and your secretary phones you that afternoon to . . . →Read More:


S.F. Young Dems Endorse:

District 1:Matt Tuchow District 2:Michela Alioto-Pier District 3:Aaron Peskin District 5:Bill Barnes District 7:Postponed District 9:Miguel Bustos District 11:Rebecca Silverberg School Board:Heather Hiles,David Weiner,Jill Wynns,Norman Yee Community College Trustee:Julio Ramos,Natalie Berg,Milton Marks

. . . →Read More:


“Bring the Troops Home”site goes live –Yes on N

“Of all the enemies to the public liberty war is,perhaps,the most to be dreaded,because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. There is an inequality of fortunes,and the opportunities of fraud,growing out of a state of war, . . . →Read More:BALLOTS TO JAM THE COGS

What's This Site For?

Stumbling around the 60-some Web sites organized around the November supervisor races,it’s clear that some are great advertisements and some are just placeholders for election-oriented e-mail addresses. And past the catchy colors and “Host a House Party”bugs,there isn’t a heck of a lot of policy on the pages. Christine Linnenbach’s D7 site . . . →Read More:What's This Site For?

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