Silver:It's not too late

Thursday,April 6th,2006

Silver,more affordable than gold,more alluring than copper or zinc,is on an undeniable tear. After a recent run that’s seen the spot market for silver soar from a low of $6.74 per ounce to $12.03 at yesterday’s close,everyday investors have to be wondering if . . . →Read More:Silver:It's not too late

Please Support Prop. 81!

For library supporters,Prop. 81 is one of the most important issues on the June ballot. My favorite candidate for 12th District Assembly in San Francisco,universal health care advocate Democrat Janet Reilly,last week wrote an opinion in support of Prop. 81. You can read it here. Please vote yes on 81! …(I’m . . . →Read More:Please Support Prop. 81!

The Challenge:Responsible Gold and Silver Mining

With gold and silver taking off and more investors moving to these age-old hard assets,it’s a real challenge to find mining stocks or metals that meet minimum standards of environmental responsibility. Here’s an article on a pilot project for certified “Green Gold.”Jewelers are in the forefront of commercial support for environmentally sound mining . . . →Read More:The Challenge:Responsible Gold and Silver Mining

New Library Satellite Picture from City

Sustainable Development,LEED Standards

Green building is one of the most exciting trends in building sustainabile economies. Cities such as San Francisco have already put forth ordinances promoting LEED standards and the new federal building there is a green office tower. …Celilo Group Media has a new green real estate guide available free (pdf) here. …

. . . →Read More:Sustainable Development,LEED Standards

Comparing the Site Plans

Theresa Harrington on Thursday had a long article about the newly approved library plan. She quotes Save Civic Park founder Adriel Hampton about a desire to see car-sharing spaces and a free downtown shuttle stop at the new library. …As you can see from these two maps from the Contra Costa Times,the . . . →Read More:Comparing the Site Plans

S.F. Chronicle Reports on Library Vote

The Chronicle reported today on the City Council’s 4-1 vote in favor of moving ahead with a leaner library project that we feel will enhance Civic Park for generations to come. The article quotes City Manager Mike Parness and his funding optimism,Adriel Hampton on praise for the City’s revisions to the design,and No . . . →Read More:S.F. Chronicle Reports on Library Vote

The Lone Vote of Dissent

The Mercury News has a short article by the Times’Theresa Harrington about last night’s vote on the library. Councilman Gary Skrel,right,was the lone vote against the resolution,arguing,according to Harrington’s article,that the City needs to hammer out funding options up front and may need more parking for the future. … . . . →Read More:The Lone Vote of Dissent

Council Approves Bold New Library Plan

Adriel and Gregg,foreground,listen as Friends of the Library advises the council.

The Walnut Creek City Council voted 4-1 last night to move forward with planning for a new downtown library. The proposal voted on last night does not rely on new property taxes,drops plans for an above-ground parking structure,and frees up . . . →Read More:Council Approves Bold New Library Plan

Save Civic Park Position Letter

The City Council is currently meeting on revised proposals for the downtown library. …SaveCivicPark appeared before the council to read the following joint statement,also e-mailed to the mayor last night. …“Dear Councilmembers,We are encouraged with the direction the City is proceeding in planning for a new library,and we urge you . . . →Read More:Save Civic Park Position Letter

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