Change This World –12for12k

Social media for social good – . . . →Read More:Change This World –12for12k

Tech-enabled Community Building Best Practices

Adopting Web 2.0 for government means moving from tools to best practices. . . . →Read More:Tech-enabled Community Building Best Practices

We Are Public Service (New E-Book)

Check out the new “I am Public Service”e-book. . . . →Read More:We Are Public Service (New E-Book)

Stories of Twitter Meeting a Constituent's Need?

Shel needs stories. . . . →Read More:Stories of Twitter Meeting a Constituent's Need?

Gov Folks –A Short Survey,Please

My friends Ari Herzog,@ariherzog,and Andrew Krzmarzick,@krazykriz,are working on a social media in government presentation and would like your help. Please fill in this brief survey. Thanks!

Local Govs –You Need A Ning

Local governments can use Ning networks to build community and serve the public. . . . →Read More:Local Govs –You Need A Ning

Eight Top Tips For Gov 2.0 Practitioners

A guide to get you started in the Gov 2.0 space. . . . →Read More:Eight Top Tips For Gov 2.0 Practitioners

Does Your Google Make a Funny?

Web searches are only so smart. . . . →Read More:Does Your Google Make a Funny?

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Twitter is a collection of neighborhoods in a global community. 140 characters included. . . . →Read More:Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Does Identity = Integrity?

Putting your name on it leads to more responsible online behavior. . . . →Read More:Does Identity = Integrity?

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