More numbers from the mid-May Binder poll commissioned by SFSOS (600 likely voters,4 percent margin of error):

Mayor Gavin Newsom’s favorability rating was broken down on a scale of 1-7,with voters identifying themselves as a “7″being the most liberal.

In the most progressive group,Newsom’s approval rating was 76/20 (35.6 strongly,40.2 somewhat). That groups leans more strongly towards “somewhat favorable”than the general population.

His highest approval rating came from those who identified themselves as a 5 or 6,and those at 4,the moderates. Those groups tied at 88/8.

Among conservatives,those identifying themselves at 1-3,his approval rating was 82.

The general number was 85,and the poll found a reversal from December,when Newsom had “real weaknesses”among progressive voters.Also in SFSOS’December poll,Newsom was weakest with those under 39 years old. Under-30 voters are now at 85/10,a 40 percent swing in six months. In May,he polled at 85.1/10 in the 30-39 demographic.

The right-track,wrong-track number accounts for voter’s overall satisfaction with the mayor and the Board of Supervisors. On that question,66 said “right,21 percent wrong,and 13 “don’t know.” That too is a full pendulum swing,from SFSOS’mid-election poll nine months ago.

Among “top voter concerns,”crime has edged up to 18 percent,with the number coming mostly from districts 10 and 11. D11 is the most discontented district,43/29 on the “right-track,wrong-track”question.

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